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Who Killed Bambi?

Spelas på Lilla teatern / 23 nov till 22 dec 2021

Premiere: 6.10
Location: Teater Viirus, Medelhavsgatan 14, Helsinki

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Twenty years have passed since a group of highschool-boys shattered the idyllic calm of their affluent
sub-urban community with a brutal act. Everything was forgiven and forgotten. They were, after all, good
boys from good families.
Now two of the perpetrators are planning a film based on the events.
A sleeping monster has been awoken.
Monika Fagerholms novel “Who killed Bambi?” is based on actual events that took place in a small Finnish town. The boys escape any consequences due to their family background and the status they enjoy in their small community. Who killed Bambi? is a story of how everything in society is hereditary.
Especially privilege.
The novel was awarded the Nordic Councils literature-prize in 2020.
Jakob Öhrman, known as one of the members of the theatre group Nya Rampen, has previously
directed the very successful “Hamlet All Inclusive” at Viirus Theatre in 2020 as well as “Kome Sisarta” at
Tampereen Työväen Teatteri in 2023.
"Who killed Bambi?" is a co-production between Theatre Viirus and Nya Rampen

By Monika Fagerholm
Concept, dramaturgy & directed by Jakob Öhrman
Actors: Maria Ahlroth, Martin Bahne, Iida Kuningas, Oskar Pöysti, Jessica Raita
Stage design: Lars Idman
Light design: Lauri Lundahl
Costume design: Brenda Gomez
Music: Janne Lounatvuori
Sound technician: Glen Loit
Assistant director: Kasimir Koski
Tickets: 33 / 26 / 18€
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Shapeshifter + Den sista föreställningen

Spelas på Lilla teatern / 23 nov till 22 dec 2021

Performance dates: 2024 (dates will be announced later)
Location: Cable Factory’s Valssaamo. Address: Tallberginkatu 1 B, Entrance to the performance space is via the V-lobby in the Cable Factory’s inner courtyard

”Not all vampires suck blood”
”Shapeshifter” is an artwork in a serial format about transformation. Its material starting points are in Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and novellas on themes of vampirism, the undead, and the exanimate. Shapeshifter comprises video installation, electronic and acoustic music, and live performance. The first part in the series was staged at Madhouse Helsinki’s Badhouse Festival in 2021.

In each individual part of Shapeshifter, the performer or performers are tasked with achieving a state of becoming something other than they are, through a variety ofexercises based in repetition: they must become another animal; transition from dead to living (or the other way around); they must alter their age, their shape, their being, etcetera. Gradually, the performer is driven towards a chaotic, unpredictable metamorphosis/ transformation.

The performance asks a question directed into the self, but also to others: who are we performing for? And then the performance answers: for nobody, or perhaps for ourselves,or for god and satan, maybe they’re the reason we hop around here like this. On the occasions when that realisation comes, we find ourselves in emptiness – that’s when something can be born out of it, when something can begin to manifest. The series uses the following novellas by Edgar Allan Poe as their starting point: Berenice, Morella, Ligeia, House of Usher; and the poems: Alone, Anna Bell Lee, Spirit of the dead, A dream within a dream.

Quo vadis, Nya Rampen?
”Den sista föreställningen” is a show about us; where we have been, where we are, where we are going. It is a show about meaning, loss and the hands of time.The production will take the shape of a trip-tych.Beginning at the end, we take part of the last performance. The actors leave the stage, the theatre space.The second part takes place in a limbo, a place of no place.The third part is the unfolding of the past and in that, maybe, the possibility of a new beginning.

Working group: Jakob Öhrman, Elmer Bäck, Rasmus Slätis, Kristian Ekholm, Hanna Ahti, Heikki Turppo, Stephanie Korhonen, Ernest Protasiewicz, Brenda Gomez, Lasse Idman, Valdemar Virtanen.
The performance is free of charge and guests may come and go as they please throughout the duration of the event.  
The performance is produced by Teater Nya Rampen and made with the generous supportof Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland(Svenska Kulturfonden) and Konstsamfundet.

Keskuspuisto 2114

Spelas på Lilla teatern / 23 nov till 22 dec 2021

 2022-2024 | Performance

Keskuspuisto 2114 is a vast site-specific project that will take place in the Central Park of Helsinki. In the different parts of the project that consists of sound installations, video installations and performances director Jakob Öhrman, together with his artistic team, explores his own complex relationship to the park, next to which he was born and grew up.. The project will span up to 1000 hectare of the vast park, all the way from Töölönlahti in the south up to the nature reserve of the north of the park. It will be made up of 10 separate parts, all in their own way a declaration of love for the “lungs of Helsinki”. The project is planned to take place during the years 2022-2024.

Weltoffen 2020-2022

Spelas på Lilla teatern / 23 nov till 22 dec 2021

 2020-2022 | Workshop

Weltoffen is a workshop series connecting theatre students from Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy and Ernst Busch Hochschule für Schauspielkunst in Berlin, initiated and produced by Rasmus Slätis.
The ongoing Weltoffen series is the second of its kind, the first being arranged in 2018-2019. During 2020-2022 the students work together with choreographers and interdisciplinary artists Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger on narratives within performing arts in the age of climate crisis.

Weltoffen is a collaboration between Nya Rampen, Uniarts Helsinki and Ernst Busch Hochschule für Schauspielkunst

Inspire / Conspire / Expire

Spelas på Lilla teatern / 23 nov till 22 dec 2021

 2020-2022 | Workshop

Inspire / Conspire / Expire is an ongoing project facilitated by choreographer/dancer Karolina Ginman and director/actor Rasmus Slätis. The duo work together with people with different disabilities active at the work centre Fyren in Hanko, Finland.
The ensemble choses various locations in the sea side city, incorporating the elements that characterise the city - the movements and affects of the ever present wind and ocean, creating a flow of site specific expanding and contracting compositions. The work is rooted in the reciprocity of breathing; the act through which all is connected and all life rely upon.

About Nya Rampen

Spelas på Lilla teatern / 23 nov till 22 dec 2021

Nya Rampen is a Finnish theatre group working with international emphasis since 2007. Co-productions are at the core of the productions of the theatre, with collaborations spanning from theatres and festivals to educational institutions and non-profit organisations. Now fully returned to Helsinki, Finland, Nya Rampen had its base in Berlin for nearly a decade, working closely with Institutet (SE) and artist Markus Öhrn (SE). Nya Rampen’s performances have been presented on renowned festivals such as Festival d’Avignon, Berliner Theatertreffen, Wiener Festwochen and Festival Transamériques.Nya Rampen is a small and agile theatre group driven by unconditional trust in arts’ intrinsic value and performing arts’ societal relevancy.

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