Jakob Öhrman
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Jakob Öhrman is a Finnish-swedish actor and director, with a masters degree from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki, which he graduated from in 2007.Since the completion of his studies Öhrman has worked as actor (in theatre & film), dramaturg, director as well as camera-operator in various theatre and art projects. Most of his work has been done internationally, primarily together with his theatregroup Nya Rampen. The group was co-founded by Öhrman in 1999 and he is one of its artistic leaders. Another very important collaborator is the artist Markus Öhrn with whom he shares a body of work spanning over a decade. Important works from this collaboration include “Wir sind die Guten”, (Ostermysterium, Volksbühne, Berlin 2016), The Ghost Sonata (Nowy Teatr, Warsaw, 2017) and “All that may bleed” (FFF Onassis, Athens, 2018). They have received, among other accolades, the Nestor-prize for the production ”3 episodes of life” in 2019 as well as a Nestor-nomination in 2018 for the piece ”Domestic Violence”. 
Öhrman has also worked as actor and dancer in the productions of French director Pascal Rambert, touring all of France with the productions ”Memento Mori” 2013 and Actrice in 2018.
Öhrman bases his esthetics and artistic methods on a foundation of strong physical presence combined with a poetic, absurd and dark humour. His artistic aim is the give the audience a possibility to dream, to be confused, to be surprised, to enjoy and to be provoked. 


Teater Nya Rampen 
Fjärde linjen 28
00530 Helsingfors


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